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#lovemybus — promoting the benefits of bus

The campaign, run with Stagecoach West Scotland and supported by the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Fund, aims to increase awareness, understanding and positive attitudes to bus travel, in particular, the benefits to health, lifestyle, reduced stress and improved relaxation. It aims to generate ‘feel good’ about bus travel and inspire commuters to choose bus over the car for everyday journeys for their own health, well-being and quality of life as well as for the health of their family, their wider community and the planet.

Bus Fair: A fair deal for Scotland’s bus users

Buses get us to and from where we work, they give us access to shopping and leisure activities, they provide a vital service to those with low incomes and mobility issues, and they connect people and communities with each other. Buses carry lots of people at one time, reducing the number of vehicles on the road, which helps to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Our new campaign will be publishing research into the benefits that buses bring to Scotland, for the economy, in tackling inequalities, and cutting road congestion. Click here for the Bus Fair website.


Inter-City Express: Bringing Scotland’s Cities Closer Together

We want to see a long-term programme of investment in the Scottish inter-city rail network so that rail, rather than road, can become the norm for travel between our cities.The ‘Inter-City Express’ campaign aims to transform rail travel in Scotland over the next fifteen years, bringing all seven of Scotland’s cities closer together with a ‘safe, civilised and sustainable mode of transport that is fit for the 21st Century’. Click here for the ICE website.

Scotland on the move — a joint manifesto for active travel

‘Scotland on the Move’ is a joint manifesto published by seven active travel and sustainable transport organisations: CTC Scotland, Cycling Scotland, Living Streets Scotland, Paths for All, Ramblers Scotland, Sustrans Scotland, and Transform Scotland.


Fix It First: Mend all our roads now

We want to see investment focused on fixing our existing roads, cycle paths and pavements ahead of building more roads. And it’s not just us: 84% of Scots agree that priority should be given to fixing the existing road network. Scotland is calling on its Government to ‘Fix It First!’


Why Fly?

Why fly? challenges Scottish businesses to save money and benefit the environment by using  trains instead of planes for business travel between Edinburgh and London.

The report compares air and rail business travel for business on the Edinburgh-London route, and concludes that rail travel is a superior product to air.

Transform Platform

In the run-up to the Scottish Parliament Elections in May 2016, we hosted a series of election events providing our members and the wider transport sector with the opportunity to engage with representatives of the main political parties in Scotland. The events featured transport representatives from each of Scotland’s main political parties, who outlined their party’s vision for sustainable transport should they be elected.