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Transform joins call for a Clean Air Act fit for the 21st Century

Published 07 April 2017 by Jamie Wylie

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently become a Supporter of the Healthy Air campaign.

The Healthy Air campaign brings together a wide range of organisations from all across the UK who together are calling for a new Clean Air Act.

Air pollution – the main cause of which is road traffic – is affecting towns and cities all over the country. Air pollution is thought to be responsible for over 2500 deaths a year in Scotland alone. Streets all over Scotland are in breach of European air quality limits, posing a serious threat to everyone, young or old.

It’s time for a new Clean Air Act which works for the 21st century. We need our towns and cities to be livable, safe and enjoyable places to spend time without the worry of breathing dangerous air.

Find out more about how you can support the call for a new Clean Air Act here.