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Meet Our Members

Meet our members 2

“At Stagecoach, we know if we are to fully address Scotland’s challenges and deliver sustainable transport that supports our economy, meets the needs of citizens and minimises the impact on our environment that we need partners across Scotland to work together.

“Transform Scotland is an important national alliance that brings those partners together and we are delighted to be a member. It provides an independent voice, supported by evidence-based research, which is important in making the case for more investment in sustainable transport modes, such as buses, coaches and trains as well as walking and cycling.”

Steven Stewart,
Director of Communications, Stagecoach Group

Meet our members 1

“Being a member of Transform Scotland is incredibly useful for a multitude of reasons.  The organisation is exceptionally well-versed on all aspects of sustainable transport and is regarded as an authoritative voice in this field.  Their policy work is carefully considered, while their media work is consistently effective in raising the profile of sustainable transport.  Members benefit from a number of networking opportunities – from the engaging Members’ Sessions, to one-off events and, of course, the Annual General Meeting.  These events offer the chance to meet with others who work in sustainable transport, share ideas and keep up to date with new developments.”

Janice Fenny,
Policy and Media Advisor, Sustrans Scotland

“RSPB Scotland is part of the RSPB – the largest wildlife conservation charity in the UK. It says Birds in our title, but we’re also about other wildlife — it’s all interconnected and you can’t help one thing without helping all the others too. We work around the world, from people’s back gardens to the ferocious southern oceans, saving species from extinction, protecting special places for wildlife, and motivating people to add their voice to ours.
In Scotland it is important to work with our partners and in coalitions to make our combined voices louder and more influencial. With Transform Scotland we work to minimise the impacts of transport policies on the environment and to reduce the impacts of climate change on wildlife.”

RSPB Scotland