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See below for a list of consultations, campaigns and online actions.

See Scottish Government, Transport Scotland,  UK Department for Transport and European Commission websites for details of other current consultations.

The Highland Council — Tourism levy consultation

20 October 2019

The Highland Council are consulting on the option to bring a Transient Visitor Levy as a mechanism to raise funds to manage the impact of tourism on the area. The Consultation is seeking views on if a Transient Visitor Levy should be brought into the Highlands and if so, how. The deadline for submissions is Sunday 20 October and you can

ELC — Supported Bus Routes Consultation

20 October 2019

East Lothian Council is consulting on supported bus routes in the area. Currently, the ELC is subsidising a number of bus routes. Feedback gathered through this consultation will help to establish where subsidised bus routes are most needed. The deadline for responses is Sunday 20 October. For more information and to respond visit ...

Scotland’s National Transport Strategy consultation

23 October 2019

Transport Scotland is seeking views on the new National Transport Strategy draft (NTS2). The strategy aims to set out a compelling vision for the future of transport for the next twenty years. It sets out four priorities for Scotland’s transport system: promotes equality; takes climate action; helps our economy prosper; improves our...

Scottish Government –The Principles of a Local Discretionary Transient Visitor Levy

02 December 2019

The Scottish Government are consulting on the principles of legislation with regard to a Transient Visitor Levy or ‘Tourist Tax’. The consultation particularly focuses on ensuring the legislation: Supports the continuing success of the tourism industry in Scotland; Provides the powers that are needed for local a...

Scottish Government — The role of Public Sector Bodies in tackling climate change

04 December 2019

The Scottish Government are consulting on how to end the public sector’s contribution to climate change. Specifically, the consultation is looking at how the Public Sector Climate Change Reporting Duties should be revised to support that, and how Scottish Government and the wider public sector can work together to make a step-change in del...