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See below for a list of consultations, campaigns and online actions.

See Scottish Government, Transport Scotland,  UK Department for Transport and European Commission websites for details of other current consultations.

The Department for Transport — Aviation 2050 — the future of UK aviation

11 April 2018

The UK Department for Transport are seeking views on its green paper which outlines proposals for a new aviation strategy. The strategy will outline the plan for UK aviation up until 2050, within which the UK will have to significantly lower emissions from aviation to meet its emission reduction targets. The consultation closes on 11 Apr...

Transport Scotland — Consultation on Transportation Noise Action Plan

16 January 2019

Transport Scotland are seeking views on the Transportation Noise Action Plan. The plan is in place to ‘avoid, prevent or reduce, on a prioritised area basis, the harmful effects, including annoyance due to the exposure to environmental noise’. The consultation has been opened to support the amending of the draft noise action plans th...

UK Department for Transport — Williams Rail Review Consultation

18 January 2019

The UK Department for Transport have issued a call for evidence to support a review of the organisational and commercial frameworks of the UK rail industry. The consultation requests written contributions to inform its work relating to the review principles. Visit the De...

Edinburgh City Council — Consultation on ‘George Street and First New Town Design Project’

25 January 2019

Edinburgh City Council are seeking views on the initial design of the ‘George Street and First New Town Design Project’. The project focuses on redesigning George street and some of the surrounding area to preserve heritage whi...

Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee — Consultation on ‘Restricted Roads (20 mph Speed Limit) (Scotland) Bill’

28 January 2019

The Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee has launched a survey and call for views on the ‘Restricted Roads (20 mph Speed Limit) (Scotland) Bill’. The Bill is to reduce the general speed limit on restricted roads to 20 miles per hour.

Scottish Law Commission — Consultation on Automated Vehicles

08 February 2019

The Scottish Law Commission are calling for views on updating the legal framework in Scotland to account for automated vehicles. It is a three-year project, running from March 2018 to March 2021. This preliminary consultation paper focus...