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Our campaigns communicate the sustainable transport agenda to the media, politicians at the Scottish Parliament, local government, businesses and the general public, promoting the benefits of sustainable transport to all sectors of our society. To do this, we publish materials on a broad range of transport topics.

Below is a list of a few of our most recent publications. Alternatively, please use the search facility on the right to help you find what you’re looking for.

For information on travelling in Scotland see our Sustainable Travel Information page, which includes details of transport operators in Scotland as well as providing some useful links for planning trips within Scotland, and information on travel between Scotland and the rest of the world.






A health voice for sustainable transport

Briefing from Faculty of Public Health in Scotland.

12 Sep 2018

Active Travel, Cycling, Social Justice, Transport Policy, Walking


Cross Country Passenger Franchise Rail Consultation

Transform Scotland's response to the UK Department for Transport's consultation on the Cross Country rail franchise.

30 Aug 2018

Public Transport, Rail


Sustrans Scotland’s role in the development of the new National Transport Strategy

Transform Scotland Members' Briefing by John Lauder, Director, Sustrans Scotland

20 Jul 2018

Active Travel, Cycling, Transport Policy


Routes to Growth

Transform Scotland report on developing Scotland's cycle tourism sector

22 Jun 2018


Getting the Bill Right: Report on the Scottish Government’s Transport Bill

Getting The Bill Right' sets out our recommendations for a successful Transport Bill.

12 Jun 2018

Active Travel, Buses, Fiscal & Pricing, Public Transport, Roads, Traffic Reduction, Transport Policy, Urban transport


Members’ Policy Briefing — 5 Ways the Government’s New Planning Bill Could Enable Greener Transport

Policy Briefing from April 2018 from Alexa Morrison, RSPB Scotland, on the Planning Bill.

21 May 2018

Active Travel, Cycling, Land Use Planning, Public Transport, Streets, Transport & the Economy, Transport Policy


City of Edinburgh Council — City Centre West to East Cycle Link consultation response

Response to CEC's consultation on the City Centre West to East Cycle Link

15 May 2018

Active Travel, Transport & the Economy, Urban transport


East Lothian Council Local Transport Strategy

Transform Scotland's response to East Lothian Council's consultation on its new draft Local Transport Strategy.

10 May 2018

Active Travel, Buses, Cycling, Public Transport, Transport Policy, Walking


The Condition of Scotland’s Roads — Parliamentary Briefing

Briefing issued to MSPs ahead of Rachael Hamilton's debate on 'The Condition of Scotland's Roads'.

09 May 2018

Cars, Cycling, Public Transport, Roads, Transport expenditure, Transport Policy, Vehicles & Fuels


Glasgow Connectivity Committee presentation

Presentation made by Colin Howden & Chris Day to the Glasgow Connectivity Commission on Wednesday 2 May.

02 May 2018

Transport Policy, Urban transport


City of Edinburgh Council Trams to Newhaven consultation — Transform Scotland response

Transform Scotland's response to City of Edinburgh Council's Trams to Newhaven consultation.

23 Apr 2018

Public Transport, Traffic Reduction, Trams & Metros, Urban transport


Glasgow Airport airspace change consultation response

Transform Scotland's submission to Glasgow Airport's consultation on proposals to change flight paths around the west of Scotland.

23 Apr 2018

Air & Noise Pollution, Aviation, Climate Change


Members’ Policy Briefing — Transport and the Climate Change Plan

Members' Policy Briefing from March 2018 on transport and the Climate Change Plan. Written by Gina Hanrahan, Acting Head of Policy at WWF Scotland.

18 Apr 2018

Cars, Climate Change, Public Transport, Transport Policy


‘Better Buses’ debate: Parliamentary Briefing

Parliamentary briefing issued ahead of the debate on 'Better Buses' on Wednesday 28 March.

27 Mar 2018

Buses, Public Transport, Urban transport


City Region Deals parliamentary briefing

Parliamentary briefing on a Members' Debate on the City Region Deals.

27 Mar 2018

Transport & the Economy, Transport expenditure, Urban transport


Members’ Policy Briefing — ‘Failure to deliver public transport commitments threatens Forth Road Bridge’s role as “public transport corridor”

Transform Scotland Members' Policy Briefing from February 2018.

19 Mar 2018

Buses, Public Transport, Rail, Roads, Transport & the Economy, Transport Policy, Urban transport


Members’ Briefing — City Region Deals

Members' Briefing from January 2018 on the City Region Deals.

19 Feb 2018

Transport & the Economy, Transport expenditure, Urban transport


Transform Consulting: The Value of Cycling to the Scottish Economy

Transform Consulting's research on the value of cycling to the Scottish economy.

05 Feb 2018

Cycling, Transport & the Economy


Cross-Forth Public Transport Strategy

Briefing from Transform Scotland on the extent to which the Forth Replacement Crossing Public Transport Strategy has been delivered. (Spoiler alert: It largely hasn't been.)

31 Jan 2018

Buses, Public Transport, Transport expenditure


Parliamentary Briefing — Bus Services Members’ Debate

Parliamentary briefing on the Members' Debate on Bus Services, 31 January 2018

31 Jan 2018



Transform Scotland annual accounts 2016-17

Our annual accounts for the financial year from April 2016 to March 2017.

11 Dec 2017


Smart ticketing consultation response

Response to the Scottish Government's 5-Dec consultation on smart ticketing.

06 Dec 2017


Local Bus Services consultation response

Transform Scotland's response to the Scottish Government's 'Local Bus Services in Scotland' consultation.

05 Dec 2017

Buses, Public Transport


Low Emission Zones consultation response

Transform Scotland's response to the Scottish Government's consultation 'Building Scotland's Low Emission Zones'.

28 Nov 2017

Air & Noise Pollution


Transform Consulting — Brochure

Transform Consulting's new brochure, showcasing services and previous work.

22 Nov 2017