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What We Do

We research and make the case for sustainable transport in Scotland. 

Our work includes:

  • Research, monitoring and evaluation Our work encompasses audits, reviews, economic analyses and research on the impacts, benefits and opportunities for sustainable transport in Scotland, alongside advice to improve transport services and facilities.
  • Campaigns and communications We design, plan and run publicity and awareness-raising campaigns to promote sustainable transport. We are experts in design, print, social media, online campaigns, media strategy and working with the Scottish press. To learn more, visit the website of our sister organisation Transform Creative.
  • Government and public affairs We write political strategies, briefings and evidence papers, and provide expert insight on the whole range of sustainable transport issues and government policies.
  • Stakeholder engagement We use our unrivalled network of transport, Government and third sector contacts across Scotland to carry out stakeholder consultations and research stakeholder views.
  • Corporate and social responsibility We help businesses, public and third sector clients to plan for greener, more sustainable travel and to encourage behaviour change.

You will see the results of our work in increased numbers of passengers on buses, trains, ferries and trams, more people walking and cycling, more customers for initiatives that promote efficient car use, such as car clubs and car sharing schemes, and additional freight on rail. Accompanying this are all the far-reaching benefits of sustainable transport – healthier lifestyles, a successful economy, a better environment and access to travel for all.