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Mackay Hannah — 10th Annual Scottish Rail Conference

Date: 05 December 2017
Location: Edinburgh (Venue TBC)
Organised by: Mackay Hannah

Mackay Hannah are holding the 10th Annual Scottish Rail Conference on Tuesday 5 December in Edinburgh (venue TBC).

The conference will feature key industry voices and provides the annual focal point for the Scottish rail industry in considering Network Rail project plans, Scottish Government policy and planning, delivery of the rail capital programme ahead, new approaches to service delivery and the broader context in which rail operates.

Among the subjects to be discussed at this year’s conference will be:

  • Thinking Strategically – leveraging from what we have to what we want
  • Scottish Rail – where are we weak, where are we strong?
  • Re-Thinking Rail – the impact beyond trains and tracks
  • Rail, the Economy and Growth – what’s possible?
  • Rail Spend and Control Period 6 – infrastructure, projects and growth
  • Supply Chain, Services and Skills
  • Rail Investment – a broader economic perspective
  • Rail in 2027 – new lines, new services, new tech, new purpose?
  • High Speed Rail – where will we be?
  • Challenges and Opportunities – air, climate, digital and the ‘Uber age’
  • What is rail for in 2027, 2037, 2047…

For more information and to book your place, please see here.

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