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Royal Society of Edinburgh — Call for Evidence on Scotland’s Energy Future

Deadline 29 September 2017

The Royal Society of Edinburgh have opened a Call for Evidence on the future of energy use, supply and demand in Scotland.

The remit of the inquiry is to:

  • To review critically the current forecasts of energy demand in Scotland and the influences on it
  • To examine how that demand may be met, assessing the feasibility and security of the range of possible sources of supply
  • To take account of the environmental imperative to reduce carbon emissions, and associated political commitments
  • To consider the moral and ethical implications of the various options open to Scotland; how and where energy resources are developed, the way in which we use them, and the level of responsibility we have as a nation for the energy we consume

The specific questions that RSE are looking for responses on can be found here.

RSE are welcoming comments from stakeholders and members of the public on the future of energy in Scotland. Responses are limited to six sides of A4 paper and can be submitted electronically or in writing.

To find out more about the Inquiry, please see here.

To submit your views, please see here.

The deadline for responses is 29 September.