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RECC — Pre-Budget/Financial scrutiny on roads maintenance in Scotland

Deadline 06 September 2019

The Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee has launched a call for evidence on Pre Budget/Financial scrutiny on roads maintenance in Scotland. The Committee is seeking views on the efficacy of the current approach to roads maintenance in Scotland and the adequacy of current associated expenditure levels. Particularly on the following:

• How have recent spending decisions on roads maintenance affected the quality
of Scotland’s roads, road users, businesses, public services, and the economy?

• If spending on roads maintenance continues at current levels, what could be
the likely effects on the above groups.

• How could any negative effects of reduced road spending best be addressed?

• Is the current model of funding and delivering roads maintenance, which is split
between Transport Scotland and local authorities, the most economic and
efficient option?

The deadline for submissions is Friday 6 September. For more information and to submit evidence please see the attached information sheet.