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Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform Committee — Consultation on Air Quality in Scotland

Deadline 18 August 2017

The Parliament’s Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee have launched a public consultation on air quality in Scotland.

The Committee are keen to hear from members of the public and organisations alike on the following:


The Committee would like to hear your views on the following questions:

  • Does Scotland have the right polices (Clean Air for Scotland Strategy), support and incentives in place to adequately tackle air pollution?
  • Are the policies sufficiently ambitious?
  • Are the policies and delivery mechanisms (support and incentives) being effectively implemented and successful in addressing the issues?
  • Are there conflicts in policies or barriers to successful delivery of the air quality objectives? 

And more specifically:

  • How does the Scottish policy fit with the UK and EU policy on air quality?
  • Are the powers and resources of Local Authorities and SEPA to address air pollution adequate?
  • Is Scotland on target to have a pilot low emission zone (LEZ) in place by 2018 and should there be more than one LEZ pilot?
  • How should the improvement of air quality be prioritised in areas where there have been persistent breaches of NO2 limit values?
  • Is adequate consideration given to air pollution from agriculture?


To find out more about the consultation and see guidelines for responses, please see here.