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ECCLR Committee — Call for Evidence on Draft Budget

Deadline 03 November 2017

The Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committtee have launched a Call for Evidence on the Draft Scottish Budget.

The yearly budget process requires all committees to consider the draft budgets relevant to their particular remits and to report to the Finance Committee. While the Draft Budget is not expected to be laid until later in the year, the Committee is undertaking pre-budget scrutiny in advance of its introduction.


Focus on spending outcomes

The Committee is specifically looking for responses to address how the research budget has contributed to the Scottish Government’s national objectives from 2011 and whether the success of meeting these objectives may have been affected by a declining budget over a number of years and the need to respond to new challenges and changing priorities.


How to submit evidence

To allow the Committee to take account of any views received, submissions should be sent no later than Friday 3 November 2017. They should be submitted electronically (preferably in plain text Word format) to:


For more information, please see here. The deadline for submissions is 3 November.