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City of Edinburgh Council — Cycling and walking improvements in Roseburn Park (Short Term Trial)

Deadline 27 June 2018

This consultation gives people the opportunity to express their views about the current trial path changes and planters in Roseburn Park.

These changes were implemented as part of a short-term trial aimed at increasing safety for all path users by:

–  moving cyclists away from blind corners, where conflicts and accidents are known to have occurred.

– delineating areas for cyclists and pedestrians at junctions so there is reduced likelihood of collisions.

The main path through the park is part of QuietRoute 8. The QuietRoutes Network is a cycling network being implemented across Edinburgh which aims to provide routes that are easy, safe and convenient to use by people of any level of cycle experience. It will also improve conditions for people walking.

The consultation runs until 27 June.

You can find out more and respond here.