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Local Authorities need to be incentivised to act on air pollution

Published 10 April 2015 by Colin Howden

Transform Scotland has submitted its response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on its proposed new Low Emissions Strategy, indicating strong support for such a strategy to be put in place but expressing doubts as regards the lack of incentivisation put in place to ensure action at the local level.

Commenting, John Webster, who prepared Transform Scotland’s response, said:

“We strongly support the promotion of Low Emission Zones because they have worked in hundreds of other towns and cities, and it is time now for Scotland to catch up.

“We have the impression that the Scottish Government is passing the responsibility for taking action on to the Local Authorities, so we see little likelihood of success. The Scottish Ministers should be financially incentivising Local Authorities to tackle air pollution by rewarding those who pledge to take action with funds for investment in better local transport systems. Under this strategy, Local Authorities would seem to bear the entire financial burden at a time when their budgets are already severely constrained.”